We offer our customers furniture that not only solves their work and space needs but also complements the new trends in evolving furniture design. New product ideas are derived from the valuable feedback we receive from our customers and from researching trends found in today’s homes. Before moving ahead with a new style we evaluate its merit. Would it improve our customer’s utilization of space? Does it blend harmoniously in today's home? And lastly, would we own it? Only then are new products born. We began our family-owned California company in 1990 operating under the strictest environmental laws in the nation.  Our employees receive a living wage and several have worked with us for decades. There are over 30,000 of our beds in use every day bringing enjoyment and livability to every home.

Since 1990, Wallbeds Company has manufactured in the U.S. A.

Murphy Wallbeds and Hiddenbeds.


SOLID AND VENEER HARDWOOD-All products are crafted using solid farm grown hardwood European beech trims and domestic birch premium furniture grade veneers.


MANY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM-We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to match any décor.  With over 20 different side pier cabinet configurations to match every Murphy wallbed style you have many  ways to customize your Murphy wallbed to exactly what you need for your space.



We make two styles of Murphy Wallbeds: Panel Foot and Bar Foot.


When you lift up the leg panel on the face of the bed, you release a latching mechanism that allows the bed to be pulled down. By simply grasping the opening in the bed face that is revealed under the leg, you can use your body weight to help the bed open toward the floor. Once partially opened, the bed will very easily open completely.


By simply grasping the center handles, use your body weight to help the bed open toward the floor. Once partially opened flip over the metal bar foot and then let the bed slowly descend to the floor.

Remember to rotate the bar leg back over the mattress before closing the bed.


PISTON LIFT SYSTEM-provides the longest life we could find, and are easy to replace when they have rare problems. Frankly, when we began all this, the standard of the industry for nearly a hundred years was still metal springs. We wondered why, if the auto industry had improved their lift for hoods and hatchbacks, this industry hadn’t. Our gas pistons have been tested in both lab and use conditions for 16,000 cycles with no noticeable wear or change in performance. Last of all, if a piston fails, which we see in only one in 5000 cases, it does so by quietly losing its power, not with a bang or crash. We like the idea that failure does not have to be catastrophic.


BEAM SUPPORT SYSTEM- The supporting platform that is a part of your Murphy wallbed is designed as a beam structure, affording the same flexibility and support of a standard mattress foundation, or box spring. Mattress warranties remain valid with this product.


WARRANTY- Our patented adjustable lift mechanism carries what is known as a ‘lifetime’ prorated warranty, providing for proportional repair or replacement of any factory defect or failure for a period of ten full years from the date of original purchase. The furniture cabinetry enclosing the mechanism carries normal furniture warranty terms of repair or replacement of any factory defect of material or workmanship for one year. The warranties are printed and supplied with your purchase. It is important to read and understand them.