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To get the most from your space consider adding a side pier cabinet.

We offer cabinets with file drawers, nightstand pull out tray surfaces, wardrobes with space to hang your garments and desks;

most are available in three widths and heights to match any WALLBEDS COMPANY wallbed.

24" WIDE PIER CABINET available in 90" high (queen) 85" high (full) or 70.5" high (horizontal queen)
16" WIDE PIER CABINET available in 90" high (queen) 85" high (full) or 70.5" high (horizontal queen)
PENINSULA DESK requires both the desk base and the PCF/Q pier cabinet to receive the desktop
22" w x 17" d x 29" h
1 lateral file drawer,
medium drawer, pencil drawer
DESKTOP measures 84" long
with 17"  sliding inside the pier cabinet and 22" covering the desk base
leaving a 45" w kneehole
BFS- 85" h
BQS- 90" h
BHQS- 70.5" h
NFS- 85" h
NQS- 90" h
NHQS- 70.5" h
TFS- 85" h
TQS- 90" h
THQS- 70.5" h
LFS- 85" h
LQS- 90" h
LHQS- 70.5" h
DFS- 85" h
DQS- 90" h
DHQS- 70.5" h
PXF- 85" h
PXQ- 90" h
PNF- 85" h
PNQ- 90" h
NHQM- 70.5" h
PTF- 85" h
PTQ- 90" h
THQM- 70.5" h
PWF- 85" h
PWQ- 90" h
PBF- 85" h
PBQ- 90" h
BHQM- 70.5" h
PLF- 85" h
PLQ- 90" h
LHQM- 70.5" h
PCF- 85" h
PCQ- 90" h
DHQM- 70.5" h
PUF- 85" h
PUQ- 90" h
2 lower drawers, pull out tray surface, open shelf and upper door. Must specify left or right handle door.
24" w x 17" d x 85" h
Desk locks up and out of the way when the bed is open.
DESKTOP measures 48" long x 22" deep x 29" high
one lower door with adj. shelf inside.
32" WIDE PIER CABINET select models available in 90" high (queen) or 85" high (full) 
DFL -85"h
DQL-90" h
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